6 Reasons to apply for the Harvard MBA Programs

Harvard is one of the most prestigious name in the educational world, known for its qualification and reputation. There is no hesitation or doubt that Harvard graduates have better educational achievement and judgments that make them excel compared to others. Their Harvard MBA education is making them stand out among the others and creates ample opportunities. So, it is quite logical if you are thinking about taking the Harvard MBA program if you want to get the best. However, before you make your decision, it is better that you know some of the basic facts about this program.

The Main Benefits

Naturally, when joining in the MBA program at Harvard, there are some benefits that you can expect, such as:

  • Getting better and in depth business knowledge . You can also develop foundational skills so you can integrate these functions into real working experience.

  • Examining and identifying new technologies and techniques that can help companies deal with their business environment

  • Formulating a holistic approach to deal with different situations, such as identifying issues, formulating theories and also solutions, and making changes to adapt to different changes

  • Building strategic skills for strategy development, decision making, and also correct implementation

  • Expanding the capacity to lead corporate projects and cross functional initiatives between the challenging global markets and situations

  • Developing leadership philosophy that should be able to reflect greater capabilities, knowledge, and also insight.

Facts about the Program

Harvard Business School admission committee really pays detailed attention to the candidates and applications. Since there are millions of applicants on a yearly basis, they have to pick the best ones. They only take into account qualifications for the candidates they think have more potential and are more promising than others. The chosen candidates should be the ones having at least 10 years of working experience, having leadership potential and coming from companies with at least $75 million of annual revenues. They should also have specific functional knowledge and excellent industry experience.

Candidates are also expected to submit comprehensive application, as well as a sponsor statement, which is written by senior executives or the candidate’s boss.

Understanding the Admission Process

Among the many requirements for the admission, writing the admission essay is one of the most important aspects. You shouldn’t take it for granted as the essay can determine whether you will be accepted or not. That’s why the Harvard admission committee has these tips to help candidates write stellar easy:

Respect the Harvard Business Schoolgiven unstated word limit. Although there is no official statement about how much you should write, writing a 500 word to 800 word essay should be enough. It is not too long and yet it is not too short either. You give them the chance to evaluate you better.

Don’t blabber or gloat. Write about your good qualities without making yourself look like a snob. Write about your leadership achievements and don’t bother writing about your personal life. Here’s a hint: they don’t care about your personal life; they only care about your professional qualification and abilities

Don’t repeat what you have written in the resume. It is boring, it is highly ineffective, and you are wasting a good opportunity to explain more about your ability.

The PLD (Program for Leadership Development)

Aside from the general and executive MBA course, you can also take the accelerated program, which is designed to shape you into fulfilling unique organizational challenges and leadership needs. The main perks of joining the PLD are:

  • You can get direct and fast access to top level management – without having to wait too long. The PLD, after all, is designed for functional specialists and managers with long years of experience. The main focus of the program is the innovation, change, and leadership, allowing participants to get broader knowledge and understanding of the business, as well as developing decision making skills. Not only you will be able to develop yourself, you will also be a valuable asset for the company.

  • You can expect better leadership skills and abilities to the higher level. Since the program is designed for professionals wanting to develop their skills without spending too much time, the curriculum is quite rigorous and tough. The course consists of six month learning period with four modules, so you should be prepared if you want to take this program.

Being one of the best names in the industry makes Harvard put quality first. It is no wonder if they expect you to be excellent and stand out among the others. Be prepared to deal with rough and not-so-easy schedules.