MBA Rankings and Why They Matter

Taking your career to a higher level through education isn’t cheap; on the contrary, be prepared to spend a lot. When you have made a decision to continue your study with an MBA degree, be sure that you have done your own valid research. It is important to know the credibility of your schools, so you get what’s worth out of your spending. Knowing the top MBA rankings won’t only help you get ready for the application process, but you’ll get an idea of the total spending you have to secure and of the potential benefits of such a program.

The 2015 MBA rankings – the best options for your career

There are a lot of options when it comes to the best MBA schools. Your option isn’t only limited to American schools only. You might want the opportunity to pursue your MBA degree in a totally new learning environment . You can chose schools located in other places in the world, such as the UK, Spain, France, or even Singapore. If you chose to study abroad you should be aware of additional expenses such as travel expenses: flight tickets, hotels or other accommodation
By knowing the MBA rankings list and your target outcome for the MBA program, deciding where to go should be easier.

Here are some of the top lists of the best global MBA rankings – feel free to choose which one you like better.

  • Harvard Business School, which is located in America, is considered as the top best, considering that you can expect 96% salary increase within very short time. Graduates can expect salary range up to $180,000 annually.
  • London Business School, which is located in the UK, sits on the second spot. You can expect 97% salary increase with salary range up to $155,000 annually.
  • Wharton, University of Pennsylvania, in the United States, sits on the third spot. The expected increase in salary reaches 90% with salary range up to $171,500 per year.
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business, in America, sits on the fourth place. You can expect 80% increase with total salary up to $178,000 annually.
  • INSEAD, with campus in Singapore and France, sits on the fifth spot. The salary range is $156,000 per year with expected salary increase around 80%.

Detailed Overview of some TOP schools  in MBA rankings

You have seen the top best 5 global MBA rankings schools and now let’s get a little bit of details about some of them.

Harvard Business School
Harvard Business School offers a vast arrays of subjects and departments, such as human resources management, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, arts administration, general management, organizational behavior, public policy, technology and manufacturing management, and so many more. The tuition cost is around $59,000 a year, but around 77% of the graduates are immediately employed by large companies all around the world.

The cool thing about studying at Harvard is the fact that you can get real study cases and hands-on education, which will be extended to field study. The cases are generally analyzed and solved in a class setting with teams. Then you get to join an in field study with your team, evaluating companies and their business environments. It is also possible to join in intensive study courses overseas during winter break.

London Business School
This school is basically a part of London University, located at Regent’s Park. Aside from the MBA program, you can also consider taking executive ( EMBA) and master programs. The cool thing about this MBA program is the fact that it has the biggest student exchange program in the world, working together with other 32 leading global schools. The most important topic of study is international management, strategic management, entrepreneurship and finance. Although the tuition fee is quite expensive, most graduates claim that it is worth it. By spending around $97,500 per year, you will get the best education that most companies seek. Not to mention that the possibility of being hired by the world’s biggest companies is quite big, making your future look bright.

Wharton Business School from University of Pennsylvania
In Wharton, you can either choose general subjects or the specialized field The subjects cover actuarial science, human resource management, real estate, operation research, quantitative statistics, marketing, accounting, e-commerce and so many more. If you take the full time program, be prepared to spend $63,000 a year. If you take the executive MBA program, it will be $97,500 a year. But around 85% of the graduates are employed by companies around the world, just after graduation.

In case you want to get joint degrees, you can take the three years MBA degree with Penn Law School or the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. If you want to specialize in MA/MBA International Studies, feel free to do so too. You will learn within classroom setting or in field experience. You’ll acquire the tools to make critical business decisions while being able to handle stress the stress of a management position in a worldwide corporation.

Those are some information about the best 3 MBA schools. Feel free to make your own research and find the schools that suits you best, based on these MBA rankings. But remember to make sure that they have the programs you want with study plan that fits your future careers goals.

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