The Best MBA programs online 2015 – make more money, advance your career

What would you do when you have a career and yet you still want to develop yourself and learn more? For those wanting to improve themselves while working full-time, there is always the option of joining MBA programs online. There are some debates around the pros and cons that an online MBA program application has to offer. But you have to admit that the online system has its own perks and benefits. Then again, you need to choose the best schools with good online credibility and accreditation, so you won’t be spending money for nothing and you career will get another boost.

MBA Benefits

Everyone agrees that an MBA program provides wider career options for the graduates; not to mention better earning potential. If you have an MBA degree, it is almost a guarantee that you will get a higher job security with better career path laid out before you . The main benefit of joining online classes is the flexibility, especially when it comes to the tight and busy daily schedule. When you already have a job, you know how hard it is to maintain a good balance between work and personal life. You definitely don’t want to complicate yourself with the burden of studying full-time for an MBA degree.
Business schools seized this opportunity and they are offering online programs to help people like you advance in their careers. However, since there are hundreds of online programs out there, from hundreds of different business schools, it doesn’t hurt to narrow down your choices. There are some lists of the best 2015 online MBA programs based on customer service, overall cost, school accreditation and student teacher ratio.

The five best MBA programs online are:

  • Arizona State University, with its W.P. Carey School of Business, sits on the first spot with AC online score reaching 98.84
  • Louisiana State University-Shreveport, with its College of Business, Human Development and Education, sits on the second spot with AC online score of 98.49
  • George Washington University with its School of Business, sits on the third place with AC online score of 97.44
  • Ball State University, with The Miller College of Business, sits on the fourth place with AC online score of 96.65
  • Cleveland State University with Ahuja College of Business, sits on the fifth place with AC online score of 96.36

MBA online programs details

There are various options that you can choose, considering that each school has its own policies and learning topics when it comes to MBA programs.

For instance, the W.P. Carey School of Business has one of the best on campus orientation where students and staffs are working together. Students may be required to come to the campus for the first time. Afterwards you can take the programs online, adjusting to your schedule to suite your need. Student services are also good, covering billing and deadline reminders, as well as course registration. Another good thing about this online program is the combination of team based learning, small classes, and individual attention to help you achieve the best result.

LSU Shreveport

LSU Shreveport provides several programs in the MBA online specializations, designed to allow students adjust their choices with their goals. When you take the online programs, you are able to combine leadership, business management and strategy, while learning how to use those skills in real business environment. The specializations include contemporary issues, general business, human resource management, and family enterprise. You can also learn about:
Financial analysis techniques to manage managerial decision making
Strategies and principles for change and organizational management
Management science and quantitative methods application
Techniques for employee motivation and effective communication
Profitable management and marketing strategies and concepts

GW University

The School of Business from GW University offers different semesters, divided into summer, spring, or fall classes, starting around August, May, or January. Each semester consists of two of seven week courses, with total four classes per semester. Everything is done and managed online, although it is also possible to take on campus classes, if you want to. During the online sessions, you will be presented with animations, podcasts, video cases, videos and pre recorded contents, beside the traditional reading assignments. You are free to decide on your pace but there will be target date that you should follow.
The most interesting teaching and learning method involves live classroom group activities, case discussions and also lectures, generally take place in weekends or evenings. The combination of live sessions and digital inclusion improve the effectiveness of the learning process
Those are only some of the examples of the benefits from taking online MBA programs from the best universities. Feel free to browse around other schools that might be more appropriate for your education needs.

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